Massage Therapies

Classic massage techniques of Swedish, deep tissue and shiatsu are blended to alleviate muscle tension and soothe the soul.


The relaxing power of touch and aroma can be a unique and effective way to enhance your mood and awaken your senses...

30  minutes  ~  $45

60  minutes  ~  $75

90  minutes  ~  $110


A customized blend of deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point and shiatsu are combined to relieve what pains you!

30  minutes  ~  $50

60  minutes  ~  $85

90  minutes  ~  $120

 Hot Stone

This stone therapy involves the use of local basalt stones. These smooth heated stones are placed on strategic points of the body and gently used to massage tight muscles. This treatment promotes increased circulation, grounding and balance.

75  minutes  ~  $110

Chair Massage

Even a short session of Chair Massage can rejuvenate tired, aching muscles. (fully clothed).

15  minutes  ~  $15